Training Plans

AdOps Boost offers training for teams and individuals. Our training is built based on the needs of a company, and is designed to be interactive as much as possible.

Training Types

Live Virtual Interactive:

We go through a set of exercises with a small group and typically rotate through screen sharing so everyone gets to participate.

Self-Directed Interactive:

Team members will be given a challenge with instructions and asked to set up various tests and then analyze if it’s working correctly.  A mechanism for asking for help as needed will be provided. This is best used in an employee onboarding scenario. A sequence of challenges that cascade in difficulty as well as ambiguity help participants develop confidence and curiosity.

Pre-recorded sessions:

This is best for very specific use cases and can be referred back to afterwards.  These sessions go well with a Live Q & A

Live Q & A:

Great for small to medium sized groups.  Focus on areas where team members get stuck.  We recommend this as a follow up on a regular basis after other training.